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Monthly Archives: September 2018

Caramel Brown Hair Colour Ideas to Try This Year

Warm, rich caramel brown hair colour is elegant hue for brunettes! Some may appear bold while others are light, but all these colour variations are warm and eye-appealing.

We have collected some of the best and trendiest caramel brown hair ideas for your consideration. Explore these beautiful and classy hair colour ideas and be sure to choose one and try it. From bright and delicious to dark and dreamy, you have unlimited choices. Get more info here.

  1. Short Caramel Brown Hair

These lively caramel brown hair shades on a layered bob can give you look picture perfect. You can also opt to add some flirty curls to enhance volume and depth. The light brown hue really exudes nicely with this hairstyle.

  1. Evening Out Brown Curls

We all find ourselves falling in love with these strong cascading voluminous glossy brown waves accented by sweet caramel highlights. This cut is so alluring on any late night out with your friends or a Saturday night. The dark brown with accents really brings out an illusion with the curls.

  1. Dashing Caramel Brown Balayage

Rael brown is an excellent hair he for ladies with olive skin, but any of its variations would also rock. Note that different skins come in varying undertones, so it is advisable that you consult your hair stylist before trying it out, though you can customise the caramel brown hair to complement any skin colour.

  1. Caramel Brown and Silver Tones

This is the battlefield where cool meets warmth. The hair colour transitions from light brown hue to a bright silver blonde colour. Though not so many ladies combine silver hues with caramel brown shades, this one particularly is awesome-looking. The contrast created by these duos is perfect. The combination gives the style lots of dimensions.

  1. Extended Caramel Brown Wavy Hair

This is an ideal look for the spring season. The highlights increase a fresh feel to the warm caramel brown hue. The colours blend smoothly and glow with a straight, as well as curly hair. It is the best style for brunettes with long hair because the brown tint presents a unique look. It is also a look that can be worn by ladies of all complexions.

  1. Tone Light and Dark Caramel Brown Look

 This is a tone hue inspired by deep brown materials such as copper and leather. With an improved touch, the texture of different colours can be well felt. It is an ideal style for the women who don’t like making regular visits to the salon. It is a colour shade that can be kept gorgeous by using the correct shampoo and conditioner.

  1. Lush Dark Brown

This is rich dark brown caramel hair hue with light pieces that give it texture without the need for the curls. It is ideal for ladies with medium to dark skin that appear beautiful in dark burgundy wear.